Theater Arts Faculty

  • Associate Professor, Theater Arts
    J113 Theater Arts Center, J Building
  • Professor, Theater Arts (drama)
    Dramatic writing, theater history, and dramatic literature.
    J17 Theater Arts Center -J Building
    Office: 831-459-2174
  • Choreography and improvisation; somatics and technique
    Office: 831-459-4918
  • Associate Professor, Theater Arts
    Theater history and theory, playwriting, dramaturgy, acting.
    Office: 831-502-7571
  • Professor, Theater Arts
    Scenic and Lighting Design and Technology
    Theater Arts Center; Building D; Room D203
    Office: 831-459-4320
  • Professor, Theater Arts (Design)
    A207, Theater Arts Center, A Building (Academic Office)
    J106, Theater Arts Center, J Building (Admin. Office)
    Office: 831-459-3110
  • Professor, Theater Arts (Drama)
    Southeast Asian Drama and Dance. Puppetry.
    Office: 831-459-4189
  • Professor, Theater Arts (Drama / Dance)
    J-12 Theater Arts Center, J Building
    Office: 831-459-5669
  • Assistant Professor, Theater Arts (Acting specializing in Voice & Text)
    Theater Arts Center, J Building, Office J18
    Office: 831-459-4211
  • Professor, Theater Arts
    Experimental literature and performance; French arts and literature; dramaturgy; theater history; directing
    J-16 Theater Arts Center
    Office: 831-459-3490
    Fax: 831-459-3553
  • Affiliate Professor in Theater Arts
    Professor Keilen is an affiliate professor from the Literature Department who shares our Department's passion for Shakespeare.
    Office: 831-459-2322
  • Professor (Drama)
    Actor, Director, Shakespeare, Queer Theater
    Office: 831-459-4406
    Fax: 831-459-4872
  • Professor (Dance)
    Dance, Education, Technology
    A-218, Theater Arts Center, A-Building
    Office: 831-459-4542
  • Professor, Theater Arts (Drama)
    Theatre history and contemporary performance; acting and directing.
    J-13 Theater Arts Center, J-Building
    Office: 831-459-2626