A Head's Up

It has come to the attention of the Theater Arts Department that a canvasser (or canvassers) has been going door to door in the San Francisco Bay Area representing himself as a "UCSC Drama Department" student trying to raise funds (possibly by selling children's books) for a UCSC Drama Department "trip to London".

The Theater Arts Department wishes to make it clear to anyone who may be approached by someone claiming this that there is no formal planned Departmental trip to London and we are unaware of any informal student plans for such a trip.

We also wish to point out that we are a Theater Arts Department in which drama is but one branch of our collaborative approach to our discipline.To learn more about our program please click here

In this time of budget cuts and threatened programs it is extremely disheartening to learn that our name is possibly being used for personal gains. Those wishing to donate in support of Theater Arts at UC Santa Cruz can see this website for instructions, or to donate online click this link, select "Theater Arts" as a designation and then follow the instructions to give to the Theater Arts Department.

Alternatively, you can contact the Department directly here