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Carolina González Riaño

Carolina has studied in Bogotá, performed in and organized various festivals around Spain and Colombia. She is a founder member and was a volunteer coordinator of RET - Red de Escelas de Teatro. Currently, she is working on a project staged with UC Santa Cruz students: a bilingual (English & Spanish) play by José Domingo Garzón based on the novel Pedro Páramo.

She is a founder member and was a volunteer coordinator of RET - Red de Escelas de Teatro. It is a  Colombian performing arts Institution that works in establishing  national and international links to generate academic mobility, exchange and circulation of performing arts students.

She is currently working on a project staged with UC Santa Cruz students, a bilingual (English & Spanish) play by José Domingo Garzón based on the novel Pedro Páramo. The play is set in Comala, Mexico. This town was under the tyrannical rule of Pedro Páramo who owned people, herds of animals and vast lands. Juan Preciado, Pedro Páramo' son, following a promise that made to his dying mother, Dolores Preciado, travels to Comala to look for his father and claim what belongs to him. When he arrives in Comala he only finds a desolate ghost town with  restless souls wandering and complaining without knowing they are dead. He hears murmurs, rumors, and whispers that help him to understand what happen to the town and when he comprehends Comala’s story it is too late to save himself. 



Selected Performances: 

Her experience dates back in 1996 when studied theater at Escuela de Formación de actores del Teatro Libre de Bogotá.   While in school, she joined the professional actors company of Teatro Libre. She performed in many plays such as The Oresteia by Aesquilous to  The Pretentious Young Ladies by Moliere; The Trickster of Seville by Tirso de Molina; Gargantua, version based on the novel by Rablais; La Fascinacion Sagrada , Mother Courage by Bertolt Brecht; A Small Family Business by Alan Ayckbourn; The Brothers Karamazov and Demons,  a versions based on the novel by Dostoyevsky and Harlequin by Carlo Goldoni. With Oresteia, she toured to Mexico where she participated in  the Festival Cervantino de Guanajuato. Additionally, she toured throughout Spain performing in El Burlador de Sevilla participating in the Festivals de Teatro Clásico de Chinchilla and Almagro. She has also participated in the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá five times.

In addition to her acting career, she has worked as a Production Manager at Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Artistic Project Coordinator in Teatro Libre, Theater Affairs, Theater Production professor  and Tour Coordinator at Universidad Central under the Drama Department.

Selected Publications: 

González Riaño, Carolina. Memorias Encuentro de Escuelas de Teatro 2006 -2007. Bogotá: Secretaria de Cultura Recreación y Deporte, 2008. Print. 296 pg book.  ISBN 978-958-8321-40-0.  

Contains speeches and conclusions of the "Encuentro de Escuelas de Teatro" of 2006 and 2007,  annual meeting held by the RET bringing together all theater programs throughout the country

The articule Algunas Consideraciones sobre los Encuentros, La Poética del Oprimido Augusto Boal  Encuentro de Escuelas de Teatro, Bogota, Colombia, 2012, Esteban Arévalo Ibáñez.  


Honors and Awards: 

She was nominated for an award of academic excellence by the university when working as a Tour Coordinator with “Gira Teatral”. This is a self-sustaining project where graduating students performed in approximately 50 shows and facilitated workshops throughout Colombia for a period of three months.


Office Hours: 

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