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Isabel Cruz

Born and raised in San Benito County, just East of the Monterey Bay, Isabel is a first generation college student.  She first became involved in theater twenty years ago, with El Teatro Campesino. In 2014, she graduated from Gavilan College (A.A. in Theater Arts), then transferred to University of California, Berkeley.  She performed in three main stage productions, wrote her first play, and received three awards: the Cloak and Dagger Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies 2014-15; the Pillsbury Award for an Actress of Excellence 2015-16; and the Mark Goodson Prize for Distinguished Theatrical Talent 2016-17.  She graduated with honors, in 2017, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Performance Studies. In the last year, she has performed locally with Western Stage and Teatro Visión. While a Cal student, she participated in Berkeley Summer Abroad, spending more than a month in Ireland, studying theatre. This is what inspired the work she is doing in the MA program in Theater Arts, Dramaturgy, at UC Santa Cruz.