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Dance Minor

The Dance Minor provides a broad and deep approach to dance that encompasses history, culture and performance among other dimensions of this art form. Students are offered a wide variety of interdiciplinary classes from which to choose and explore with the help of our world-class faculty. 

The Dance Minor is comprised of 8 courses: 3 lower division and 5 upper division. There are no pre-requisites for declaring the minor, although individual courses may have pre-requisites for enrollment and a major must be officially declared before a minor is declared.

All Dance Minor students must complete the following requirements:

Lower Division:

1 in Foundations (5 units):
  THEA 30 Introduction to Dance Theory and Technique, or
  THEA 33C Dance Studio I, or
  THEA 36 Introduction to Dance Composition

1 in Cultural Forms (25 units):
Including but not restricted to:
   THEA 22 Indonesian Dance, or
   THEA 31C The Dance Experience (2 units), or
   THEA 37 African Dance, or
   THEA 80Z Indian Dance

1 in Production (2 units):
  THEA 50 Fundamentals of Theater Production

Upper Division:

1 in Foundations (5 units):

  THEA 130 Intermediate Dance, or
  THEA 131C Dance Studio II, or
  THEA 135 Dance Improvisation and Theory, or
  THEA 136 Choreography

1 in Critical Studies (5 units):

  THEA 164 Issues in Dance History, or
  THEA 165 Introduction to Dance Modernism, or
  THEA 166 History of Ballet, or
  THEA 167 Africanist Aesthetics 

3 in Electives (5 unit courses) chosen in consultation with advisor, including but not rsetricted to the following courses:

   ANTH 164 The Anthropology of Dance
   CMPS 161 Visualization and Computer Animation
   ECON 137 Performing Arts in the Public and Private Economy
   EDUC 120 The Arts in Schools:Aesthetic Education Theory & Practice
   FMST 133 Sciennce and the Body
   HAVC 170 Art of the Body in Oceania
   PHIL 152  Aesthetics
   PORTER 180 Writing Across the Arts
   PSYC 120 Visual and Spatial Cognition
   PSYC 137 Mind, Body, and World
   SOCY 152 Body and Society
   THEA 124 Movement for Performers
   THEA 137 Studies in Performance: Dance
   THEA 139 Random: With a Purpose
   NOTE: Any upper division course listed above under Foundations or Critical Studies may be used as an elective (but not double counted).

Independent Studies (THEA 198/199) do NOT satisfy the dance minor requirements.

Lower division courses may be double counted for (used toward) both the Theater Arts Major and Dance Minor, but separate upper division courses must be taken to satisfy major and minor requirements.

We strongly suggest that you consult early with the department adviser to create an academic plan for a minor in Theater Arts. For further information on minor requirements, decaration, or about the Theater Arts Department in general, please contact the Theater Arts Department office at, or by calling (831) 429-2974.