Introduction to the Program

The Theater Arts Department combines drama, dance, critical studies, and theater design/ technology offering students an intensive, unified undergraduate program. Combining theory and practice, the program seeks to educate the mind, the body, and the imagination of students. Graduates of the UCSC program typically pursue careers in professional theater and dance companies, in film and television, and in teaching at all levels, from university to high school to grade school. Others engage in careers in arts administration, dramatic writing, and related fields.

The program stresses the interrrelation of dance, drama, and theatrical design and technology as essential to the successful practice of the theater arts in the contemporary world. The lower-division curriculum requires a range of practical work in the various subdisciplines and a rigorous exposure to the history of drama and dance. At the upper-division level, students are given the opportunity to focus on an area of interest within the discipline in limited-enrollment studios and through direct interaction with faculty. At the same time, they are asked to expand their theoretical perspectives through confrontation with the range of dramatic theories and focused course work in the history and theory of dance, drama, and design. The impact of digital and new media on theater is also explored.

The robust stage and studio spaces available to students of theater arts allow for this breadth of training and performance opportunities.

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