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Major in Theater Arts

Required courses

Lower Division

Thea 10, Intro. to Design
Thea 20, Intro. to Acting or Thea 21A, Acting Studio 1A
Thea 30 Intro. to Modern Dance
Thea 61A, Thea 61B and Thea 61C
One 5-unit Elective 
Thea 50 (2 units) [Must be taken three times]

Upper Division
Thea 160 - Dramatic Theories *
Two history/theory courses
Two studios courses
One 5-unit elective
One Faculty-Directed Production
Thea 185 - Senior Seminar *

The following do not satisfy Theater Arts major requirements:
Random 139; Chautauqua 158; Student Prod. 45; Barnstorm 55A & B; Ind. Studies 199, 198; Group Proj. 190

The DC general education requirement is satisfied by completing:

Thea 160, Dramatic Theories in Junior year (offered Spring only)
Thea 159, Avanced Playwriting (offered annually, check class schedule)
Thea 185, Senior Seminar in Senior year (offered Fall only)

For more information on these courses please see the Course Catalog.

Students are encouraged to complete these courses as early in their studies as possible so that the petition to major status can be accomplished.

Information on courses, declaring the major and major requirements can be obtained at the department office, J106 Theater Arts Center or by email to