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Bianca Filion

Dance therapist BIANCA FILLION graduated from UCSC in 2011 with a BA in Psychology. She went on to get her MA in Expressive Therapies: Dance Therapy with a Mental Health Counseling Specialization from Lesley University. She is currently a Registered-Dance/Movement Therapist and an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Utah. While focusing on Psychology at UCSC, she was glad that she was still able to participate in the dance program, as this fueled her desire to become a dance/movement therapist. One of the most influential classes she took at UCSC was Contact Improv. It helped her understand movement in a way that was echoed in her dance/movement therapy education, and it helped her understand how to relate to others through movement. As a dance/movement therapist, she is able to treat her clients holistically, mind and body, through talk, movement, art, music, and body-focused therapies.