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Major in Theater Arts

The major is comprised of a background in theory and practice of theater arts as well as a focus on drama, dance or design in upper-division classes. There are fifteen 5-unit and three 2-unit courses (81 units) required to complete the major. 


All Theater Arts Majors must complete the following requirements in addition to university requirements, including general education (GE) requirements:


  • The 5-unit THEA Production Requirement for the major may be fulfilled with any 5-unit THEA production class.
  • If THEA 55A Barnstorm is taken to satisfy the production requirement, it may also be used to fulfill the Lower Division Elective requirement (if a student needs that).
  • If any of the following upper division production classes are taken to satisfy the production requirement, they may also be used to fulfill one or both Upper Division Elective requirements: THEA 151, 151A, 151I, 155, 137, 137A, 139
  • NOTE: In many cases, a 5-unit THEA production class will fulfill both the production requirement AND another major requirement (either the LD Elective or and UD Elective requirement, as described above); however, some students may need to take a production class outside of/in addition to the major's 18 course requirements listed below in order to fulfill the 5-unit THEA Production Requirement.
  • Productions are all admission-by-audition or instructor permission (current audition info here, as available).
  • More about the requirement in the Theater Arts Undergraduate Handbook

Lower Division (41 units)

  • THEA 10 Introduction to Theater Design and Technology
  • THEA 20 Intro. to Acting or THEA 21, Acting Studio I: Psychological Realism
  • Lower Division Practice-Based THEA dance class (chosen from one of the following classes: THEA 30, 31A, 31B, 31C, 36, 37, 80Z)                        
  • THEA 61A Ancient and Medieval Drama
  • THEA 61B Drama from the Renaissance to the Modern Age
  • THEA 61C The Birth of the Modern: Drama and Performance After the Renaissance  
  • One 5-unit Lower Division Elective (any lower division THEA course not being used for another requirement)
    NOTE: The 5-unit THEA 55A Barnstorm class may be used to fulfill the LD elective as well as the production requirement.        
  • 3 x THEA 50 Fundamentals of Theater Production (2 units) [must be taken three times]

Upper Division (40 units)

  • Two Upper Division History/Theory/Critical Studies courses
  • Two Upper Division Studio courses
  • Two Upper Division Electives (any upper-division THEA courses not being used for other requirements)
    NOTE: In addition to other THEA upper division class options, the upper division production classes (THEA 151, 151A, 151I, 155, 137, 137A, 139) may be used to fulfill either or both of the UD Elective requirements; one UD production class may concurrently be used to fulfill the Production Requirement.    
  • THEA 160 Dramatic Theories (offered Spring only; usually taken in Junior year, this class is the prerequisite for the required THEA 185)
  • THEA 185 Senior Seminar (offered Fall only; usually taken in Senior year)


  • The DC general education requirement is satisfied by completing: THEA 160 and THEA 185
  • See our current Course Offerings lists to learn which classes are offered in a particular year and quarter and to see a key indicating which courses fulfill which upper division requirements.
  • For courses descriptions, please see the Course Catalog.
  • Please be aware that the following may NOT be used to satisfy requirements for the major:
    Independent Studies (THEA 198 / 199), Chautauqua THEA 158, Student Prod. 45, Barnstorm 55B (2-units),  Group Proj. 190.
  • A note about the THEA 50 requirements: it is strongly recommended that students take care of these ASAP, beginning as soon as they have decided to commit to the major. THEA 50 is not a standard course, nor is enrollment standard. Learn more about the requirement in the Theater Arts Undergraduate Handbook


Please see the catalog for our Major Qualification Policy and Declaration Process.

It is strongly recommended that all students consult early with the department advisor to create an academic plan for a major or minor in Theater Arts. Current students use Navigate Slug Success to make an appointments. 

For further information about requirements, declaration, or the Theater Arts program in general, please contact Theater Arts Undergraduate Advising at:, or call (831) 429-2974. 

More about our degrees can be found in our UNDERGRADUATE HANDBOOK and on our Advising page.

The department also offers a minor in Theater Arts and a minor in Dance.