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eXperimental Theater

The Experimental Theater or “The eXspace” opened in 1999 as the third performance venue in the Theater Arts Center. 

It is a 60’ x 60’ black box style theater with flexible modular seating that changes to fit the needs of the production in residence.

Depending on the arrangement, the house can seat up to 200 people.

The theater features a 50’ x 50’ tension grid at 23’ 9.5” covering virtually the entire stage space. With its distributed power and DMX ports designed to accommodate Rosco IPS 1.2k (Portable) Dimmer Sticks, it is possible to hang and power lights anywhere in the space from floor to ceiling on either the lighting pipes above or using the integral horizontal runs of Unistrut that surround the facility in the walls at heights ranging from 3’ to 14’.

The eXperimental Theater also features a full complement of ETC lighting fixtures and an ETC ION console.

For detailed information about the eXperimental Theater click here.