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Production Opportunities for Designers

Random with a Purpose
All designers and assistant designers are assigned to department shows via the Tech Grid, posted in the A-building hallway near the Green Room.

Designers and Technicians
The majority of assignments on the Tech Grid are determined at the Technical Interest Meeting held towards the end of Spring Quarter every year. If you missed the meeting, or are starting in the department for the first time, you can still apply to work on Department shows by filling out a Technical Interest Form, and speaking to the Department Chair.

Many student designers get their beginning in the department designing as part of Chautauqua, the annual student play and film festival. Chautauqua is entirely student run and produced, offering a wide range of opportunities for designers on its numerous shows. Additionally, Chautauqua provides discussion sections for it's designers, so students with little or no experience of design, or designing within the department are guided through the steps and procedures, to provide a basis of epxerience for more independent design.

Barnstorm is a student-run production company that also offers production opportunities for students. In the quarters it operates, Barnstorm generally produces 2-3 full productions a quarter, and numerous one night shows. Students interested in designing for Barnstorm productions should speak to the Barnstorm management team, or else attend the Barnstorm Information Meeting, generally held on the first Monday of the quarter, after auditions.

Many department shows are designed by students, assigned via the Tech Grid that is determined after thet Technical Interest Meeting at the end of every Spring Quarter, for the upcoming year's season of shows. At the Technical Interest Meeting, students will be given information on the upcoming year's shows, and the positions available. Students will fill out a Tech Interest Form with their education and experience, their desired areas of future experience, and any specific requests for specific shows to work on, or people to work with. Assignments will be determined based on interest and experience, both in terms of previous design experience, and practical experience working in the shops or on crews, stints as technical directors or master electricians, etc. Generally beginning design students are assigned as assistants to more advanced design students, faculty designers, or visiting professionals on specific shows before being assigned to design their own department show.

The UCSC Theater Arts Department faculty includes several currently practicing professional designers in all areas of theatrical design, who teach courses in their areas of focus, and are available for advising in their office hours. The Department has strong ties to professional theater companies throughout the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas, and, indeed, throughout California, that have previously led to professional internships, overhire work, and even professional assistant jobs for talented and ambitious UCSC students.