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Theater Arts Faculty

Professor Jim Bierman
  • Professor, Theater Arts
  • Playwriting, theater history and literature, classical and Renaissance drama, Chicano theater, digital media
  • Associate Chair, Theater Arts Department
  • Associate Professor, Theater Arts
Michael Chemers
  • Professor of Dramatic Literature, Theater Arts
  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • Chair, Theater Arts Department
  • Professor, Theater Arts
  • Lighting design, projection design and scenic design; theatrical, fringe, industrial and themed entertainment design; computer aided drafting, electronics and automated fixtures
  • Professor, Theater Arts
  • Set design for theater, dance, opera and film; drafting and drawing for the designer; model-making and color theory; Broadway musicals
  • Professor, Theater Arts
  • Asian theater, Southeast Asian studies, performance studies, maskwork, puppetry, multicultural theater
  • Professor, Theater Arts
  • Movement training for actors, circus and clown traditions, Indonesian dance and performance
  • Assistant Professor, Theater Arts
  • Voice, speech, acting, Shakespeare, archetypes, accents, dialects, text
  • Affiliate Faculty, Theater Arts
  • Professor of Literature
  • Provost, Porter College
  • Director, Shakespeare Workshop
Cynthia Ling Lee
  • Assistant Professor
  • Professor, Theater Arts
  • Acting, directing, dramatic literature, theater history, Shakespeare, Wagner, gay studies
  • Professor of Theater Arts
  • Professor, Theater Arts
  • Dance theory and technique, cognitive dance studies
Professional Experience: Boston Ballet, Boston, MA Houston Ballet, Houston, TX American Ballet Theater II, New York, NY 
  • Professor, Theater Arts
Directing, crossmedia performance, post-dramatic theater theory and practice, documentary theater directing and dramaturgy.