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Courses in Theater Arts


Please note that courses and instructor assignments on the course offerings sheets are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 

• ALL 2022-2023 ACADEMIC YEAR COURSES–view/download here.
​• DANCE COURSES IN THE 2022-2023 ACADEMIC YEAR–view/download here.

• SUMMER SESSION COURSES in Theater Arts on the Dept. of Performance, Play & Design page (Summer courses appear in the Schedule of Classes on March 15 and enrollment opens May 1).

​Related course and program information

Posted annually in the spring and updated as needed throughout the year, the Theater Arts Course Offerings sheets are very useful for planning. Also, these are the only documents indicating which upper-division courses will fulfill upper-division requirements for the major or minors (e.g., which courses fulfill the Upper Division Studio or History/Theory/Critical Studies requirements, etc.).

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Academic year 2021-2022 – view or download here (see 21-22 Dance classes here)
Academic year 2020-2021 – view or download here (see 20-21 dance classes here)
Academic year 2019-2020 – view or download here (see 19-20 dance classes here
Academic year 2018-2019 – view or download here
Academic year 2017-2018 – view or download here
Academic year 2016-2017 – view or download here
Academic year 2015-2016 – view or download here
Academic year 2014-2015 – view or download here
Academic year 2013-2014 – view or download here