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Transfer Students

The Illusion
The Theater Arts Department at UCSC has a robust and talented transfer student population that is integral to the department. The department is committed to assisting transfer students who declare the Theater Arts major to graduate within their time here at UCSC.

Following notification from the Admissions office that a student has accepted a place at UCSC, the Theater Arts Academic Advisor, Theater Arts Academic Advisor, will work with transfer students to plan enrollment in the right classes to graduate in the major. Through email, phone or personal meetings you will work with Moon to create an academic plan and then update it as needed during your time at UCSC to complete the major in the timeliest way possible. Advice will be given to students who plan to focus on any of the areas in Acting, Design, Dance or Dramaturgy.

Transfer students are encouraged to attend Summer Orientation, where the advisor will be available to answer all questions, give out places in classes and give information regarding Theater Arts production opportunities.

If transfer students have taken theater or contemporay dance classes at another institution, those classes will be examined to determine whether they will match with the Theater Arts major, minor or Dance minor requirements. This may result in one or more UCSC classes being waived for the equivalent courses already taken.

Immediately after your decision to attend UCSC, if you have indicated Theater Arts as your proposed major, you will receive email messages from the Theater Arts Academic Advisor. Classes will be suggested for your first quarter. Students will be invited to contact the department for a meeting, phone conversation, or email discussion to create their academic plan for the major.

The Theater Arts department saves places in fall classes for incoming transfer students, so they may rest assured that they will be able to enroll in the classes they need.  Students will be notified of opportunities to enter our classes that require an audition, e.g. acting studios and our quarterly faculty and student productions.  They will also be informed of the student-run production company “Barnstorm”, Thea 55A and B, in fall and winter.

Becoming part of the department community is important, so students will be encouraged to take classes that promote that connection, for instance, Thea 50, Fundamentals of Production (required for the major), and Barnstorm.

Upon arrival at UCSC in fall (or winter quarter), transfer students will be able to declare the major and should make an appointment with the advisor to do so.

Regular contact with the advisor throughout your academic career is encouraged. Study plans sometimes have to be adjusted and new opportunities discussed. We want to help transfer students graduate within two years and will do whatever we can to assist in that achievement.  Students who take a Leave of Absence or who go abroad will also have their study plan updated in an appropriate way to ensure timely graduation.

The Theater Arts advisor is available Monday–Friday, 10 am-3 pm for questions, advice, assistance in enrolling in classes, and plans for timely graduation:, (831) 459-2974. 

Contacting faculty by email is also encouraged, their contact information can be found here.